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My Teaching Evals and Philosophy

At Teachers College Columbia University, I teach various courses related to game design/design thinking, educational technology, entrepreneurship, and research on serious games.

I am proud of my teaching craft — it’s what I’m passionate about and I approach it with an iterative, design-based approach that builds upon previous successes and constantly looks for ways to improve.  I tinker, try new course management technologies like Edmodo and Slack to promote student participation and discussions, and often bring in special guest speakers and cool educational tools to play with.

My philosophy is to promote self-directed, active learning that allows students to set goals, be creative and reflect on their own progress.  Students seem to respond very positively to this kind of teaching approach, as I nearly universally get positive feedback and high course evaluations.  Occasionally I “gamify” my course, which applies game-like principles to the classroom in order to improve engagement and promote self-directed learning.

Click here to view my unabridged and unedited course/teaching evaluations.

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