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Scholar’s Quest featured in Forbes Magazine

In the Forbes Magazine article entitled, Education Meets ‘World Of Warcraft’, Israel Shapiro writes about how educators on college campuses are increasingly turning to gaming techniques to turn classrooms into interactive experiences.  Includes a nice shoutout to Scholar’s Quest and the work we are doing with the quest-based learning projects at Teachers College.

Scholar’s Quest is an innovative project that uses quest-based learning, social networking elements and peer teaching and learning to help graduate students at Teachers College learn how to be successful. Students complete real-world missions and quests, earn “experience points,” collaborate with other players and share knowledge with peers in order to learn strategies for success and simultaneously making the school a more vibrant community.

A survey given to TC faculty identified the specific actions, traits and skills that faculty recognized as important.  In this way, Scholar’s Quest turned tacit practices into explicit, structured tasks.  Scholar’s Quest consists of quests including: How to get a great job, Navigating TC resources, The pursuit of knowledge/exploring research opportunities at TC, and Social aspects of graduate school including networking.

Visit the older Scholar’s Quest site or the Forbes article.  We are currently in the process of acquiring additional funding to further develop this project.

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