Money, Time, and Tactics: Can Games Be Effective in Schools?

In an interesting blog post at MindShift / KQED, Tina Barseghian discusses many of the challenges in the use of games and game-like approaches for the classroom.  Barseghian describes the difference between short-form learning games — ideal for fitting within a single class period — and long-form games — games that spread across several weeks.

The part of the article that resonates with me is the end section in which Barseghian talks about a number of “recent trends that provide an increasingly positive area for learning games.” Classrooms may be much more amenable to game-based learning due to trends including: include the move to one-to-one computing; a ‘bring your own device’ infrastructure for learning; greater accessibility to the internet; and a wider acceptance of the value of games for education, including the research community.

Click here to read the article.

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